We are currently looking to acquire internet businesses with ARR of $500k and above.

Revenue Based Finance for Internet Businesses & Media Entrepreneurs

We offer lines of credit and bridge capital based on MRR

Better financial solutions for media brands than those you might find in traditional banking and venture capital funds.

Who is it for

Media companies that have current monthly revenues and want to grow fast.

We offer line of credits based on your current MRR and bridge capital.

Without Asset Risks

Unlike tradicional banking solutions, you don’t have to provide any guarantees, putting your assets at risk.

Without Equity Dilution

Unlike with traditional VC funds or investors, you don’t have to dilute your equity.

Designed for Media

We understand you, because we are in the media entrepreneurs.

We are part of Digifolk Media Group, a digital media consulting strategy that has helped grow a dozen of the worlds largest media brands online.


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